The Azores Island.

Hey guys! So this past year I’ve really fallen in love with travelling and although I haven’t travelled very far and wide I’ve been assembling a bucket list of places I want to travel to.

 On a daily basis I read countless blogs about travelling and I’m always looking for hidden gems to travel to. I was on Elite Daily yesterday scrolling through my usual millennial life articles and came across one called: Visiting the Azores Islands will give you your Instagram Followers #TravelGoals by Jessica Sambuco. Before even reading the article I went onto good ol’ trusty google and searched up images of these Azores Islands. After seeing about 12 pictures I was obsessed! I sent the link to my boyfriend, my siblings and all my friends trying to plan a group vacay in 2017. They started asking me so many questions about the island and I realized I didn’t even read the article yet or even know what I was pitching to them. I decided to do my research…

Image Source: Google Images

So here’s what I learned about the Azores Islands. It is a cluster of nine islands 800 miles off the coast of Portugal that nobody you know has visited before. Azores is unpopular compared to some other island destinations due to limited direct flights. If and when I go I plan to make a stop in Europe and fly from there. Picture this, emerald beaches, clear blue lakes, verdant pastures, waterfalls every corner you turn, bubbling mud pots and some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see!

You’re probably thinking, ‘Cool, but what else is there to do there?’ Well my friend, from my findings there are a lot of outdoor activities such as free diving, waterfall rappelling, volcano hikes and whale watching for the adventurer. For people who want to appreciate the architecture there are stunning chapels, manor houses and 15th century churches.

Okay friends that’s about all the information I have on this place. If you have or are planning to travel to the Azores Islands before I do please leave advice or link images of your vacation in the comments below. I’d love to see them!!



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